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Re: Takemusu Aiki in Systematic Teaching?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I think if you want a different answer from me (different from what I've already given) you are going to have to simplify your language. I'm just not getting what you are getting at...
In the variational model takemusu is shown right from the beginning by attention to connection, demonstrated in initally stopframe motion, and with emphasis on attention to the possible alternate endings of the movie. Takemusu is always there, in potential, but has not yet risen above the background "noise," although it comes closer and closer to the surface as training progresses.

The issue in the variational approach is one of degree, whereas in the rigorously systematic model it seems a difference of kind.

The answer seems to be "it happens" and if it doesn't then you just keep on having the teacher point out errors in the kihon until it does. If that is the case then I have my answer and need inquire no further. If I have got it wrong then I still do not understand your answers.

My disconnect is that I was looking for continuity in the method. If I am hearing you right, there may not be any continuity at this stage of the systematic or prescriptive approach to training. In which case, there is no prescribed systematic method for achieving the experience of takemusu in these systematic approaches to training. It just happens at some point. Which is fine, too. I simply would not have assumed so.


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