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Re: Gokyo-why?

Chris Hein wrote:
Some very interesting stuff thanks guys!

So does anyone know why in the Katate dori ikkyo form we take the gokyo grip (palm up), but it's still ok to call this ikkyo and not gokyo?

Dear Chris,

The Katate Dori Ikkyo grip is slightly different, because we are holding with control of the hand / thumb of uke. In Gokyo we still hold the wrist, but withour thumb closest to uke's hand. The Ikkyo grip form different grabs from uke is just a logical, effeicient way to grab and hold the opponents' hand. In the old forms (as shown in O-Sensei's Budo book) Gokyo is applied against Shomen Uchi. It is also done againt Yokomen Uchi, traditionally. In Saito Sensei's new book series "Takemusu Aiki" he demonstrates Gokyo from various attacks. I believe that this is to show that this technique can be applied in a variety of settings, but it i most evident as a seperate technique when done against Shomen or Yokomen uchi.

In Aiki,

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