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Re: Gokyo-why?

Chris Hein wrote:
Does the Daito Ryu syllabus have a gokyo as a separate named technique as we do? If so does anyone have any information about it's origins?
I'm about to stretch out of my depth a little here but; In my limited understanding of Dai-to Ryu ikkyo (meaning "first teaching") 一教 wasn't a single technique but, a series of about 118 waza within the shoden level, each technique having a particular responce to a particular attack. I doubt, and emphasis doubt that gokyo 五教 existed as a singular waza in Dai-to Ryu. If indeed gokyo did in fact exist, I would suggest it is probably another series of waza as apposed to just one.

I think this exposes a major difference between aikido and Dai-to Ryu, aikido has a limited amount of physical waza which are trained for and utilised in a multitude of situations, attacks, etc yet, Dai-to Ryu has many hundred specific waza, each meant for a particular situation or attack.

Whilst many fundamental principles exist between the two arts, aikido is as we know, by far the 'slimmed down' version in terms of waza which is probably why we have individual techniques named, ikkyo, nikyo and of course gokyo.


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