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Re: Gokyo-why?

Thanx, some enlightening stuff there. My teacher was also one of Saito's students, and your first post Reminds me much of what he (my teacher) would say about gokyo.

What is very interesting to me is your second post, I really need to dig out my copy of budo, I would like to see the reference you're making, but what you're saying, seems to be very significant to me. If I understand you correctly you're saying that originally Saito called a palm up control ippo (Ikkyo) and later said it was called gokyo, is this because Saito decided that a palm up ikkyo should be called a different technique (because of knife techniques or what have you), or because in hind sight he realized his mistake in calling it ippo (ikkyo), because it was in fact "gokyo" as his teacher had taught.

I know a rose is a rose, but what I'm trying to get at here is if Saito decided it was different enough, or if Ueshiba decided it was different enough to merit a different name.

I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you that Aikido is a principal based system. In fact I agree quite strongly, and that's why I wanted to post this question. I personally feel like the criteria that makes up gokyo (as I know it) is not strong enough to merit another principal, so I feel that I may have a lack of understanding as to what gokyo really is. But from what I've read so far, maybe gokyo is more revisionist history then I thought.

Does the Daito Ryu syllabus have a gokyo as a separate named technique as we do? If so does anyone have any information about it's origins?

Thanks, anymore jewels out there?

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