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Re: Gokyo-why?

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Sorry Dave, yes, I was addressing your post.

I see 1-kyo to 6-kyo as principles rather than techniques. 5-kyo is a basic forearm stretch (ude no bashi), utilizing the elbow as the "base" and the flexion of the wrist as a lever against itself. There's a nice variation (a reverse gokyo lock) used as nikyo counter...
Hi mate.. thanks for the clarification however, from a kihon point of view, no I'm not "doing" gokyo ude nobashi as you suggest, I am teaching as illustrated in my post, that's me making the pin on one of my students, the way gokyo was taught to me. The standing method as depicted in your post isn't something I've ever been taught formally in an aikido class (not to say it doesn't exist in aikido) but it's something I've taught to my students based upon my Prison Service training.

Fundamentally I don't see many of the osae waza as effective immobiliasations, yes they can induce (varying degrees of) control over uke's center but someone fully resisting may well be able to find their way out of these "pins".. I know because I've tried them in one form or another during my work and not all of them are ideal ways of fully restraining someone who really doesn't want to be restrained.

Getting back to gokyo, I too would like to know more about this application's history.
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