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I just came back from a weeklong summer camp, and one of the running jokes some of us had going during the seminar was about some of the things that a character we made up would do. Specifically, we called this character "Mean Sempai," and some of the things Mean Sempai would do would be:

- Holding out his hand for kohai to grab for Katatetori Ikkyo, and just as Kohai would try to grab the hand, Mean Sempai would pull the hand away and say "Whoa! too slow"

- Put a sticker on Kohai's back that says "throw me HARD!"

-Stepping on Kohai's feet while doing a technique

- "Freezing" Kohai so he couldn't start a technique, then saying "what's wrong, can't you do the technique?"

- Start and stop attacks when acting as uke, so that Kohai doesn't know when to start the technique

- Mean Sempai points to Kohai's belly and says "your belt's untied," then flick Kohai in the nose with his finger, and says "made you look"

Anyway, anyone else have any other ideas for Mean Sempai's antics?

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