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Re: Terry Dobson

FWIW, here is the Mother Jones article about Terry Dobson:

And letters rebutting the article:

I'm sorry to say that I never met him.

Whether aikido is a lot like dancing or not, perhaps there is something in dance that aikidoka would find worth observing. The following is from Joan Acocella's Talk of the Town piece in the 10/16/2006 issue of the New Yorker. The subject is Azari Plisetsky, the brother of the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. Plisetsky became a famous ballet teacher himself.

"Plisetsky is an ordinary-looking sixty-nine-year-old man, with a bald head and a paunch. But the minute he took his position in front of the class his body changed. His spine elongated; his shoulders moved back; even his cheekbones seemed to rise. The drill he led was very hard, as a master supposed to be. ... Many of the corrections he gave had to do with the most basic principles of ballet; above all, with how to initiate the movement --- from the middle of the body, not from the extremities. One dancer was told to pick up her left buttock, as well as her right, before turning. The whole class was told to plie from the pelvis, not from the ankles, and to pirouette from both legs, not just from the back leg. This centering of movement is what makes ballet look 'classical' --- unified, harmonious, natural --- but everybody has to be reminded of it constantly."

I suspect that Terry Dobson would have approved.

Jim Sorrentino
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