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Re: Yoshinkan folks pls come in

Anthony Wong wrote:
Hello Yoshinkan folks,

Does Yoshinkan has doing spiritual & shinto excersice? I heard that Yoshinkan is realistic and going to no religion, is it just simply normal warm up excersice and waza practice?

I'm not Yoshinkan, but I resent the idea that you think aikido has a religious aspect. Ueshiba stated specifically that what he is teaching is not religion and that his religion is his own! Ki development might be related to spiritual exerices, but surely aikido techniques are supposed to be ki practise as well?

The real practise IS the spiritual aspect, surely? I would have nothing to do with anyone who considers aikido to be religious. (I'm not referring to yourself, but to instructors who would say this) - maybe its a translation thing, but in the UK at least there is a big difference between religion and spirituality.

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