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Originally posted by mruk4u
I'm afraid, I must confess, I've attended no Aikido lessons, atall, this month(Jan 2002).
Well, that's better than me. I just took 5 months off to get my shoulder back to normal.

Right now, I fear going to class, and, having to take constant breakfalls, as many times, I find myself landing right on my back, endlessly, again, and again. I'm not too sure my back can endure taking that sort of constant battering pressure, anymore, yet...not until when my back feels a hell of a lot more stronger, anyway.
Something is wrong with the equation here. Constant breakfalls sounds like a lot of breakfalls and many techniques have alternatives. So why all the breakfalls?

I fall pretty damn well, still, but I would leave a place where I was breakfalling a bunch every day. That's for them in their 20's.

I'm not sure how you are being thrown but if you are landing on your back there is a very good chance something is wrong technically. Some techniques end up that way, and sometimes you get thrown that way, but probably you aren't doing it right. I'd take it up with your instructor. Frankly, if you are landing square on your back, your instructor probably should have already been helping you.

You have told your instructor about your back problems right?

Anyway, as I grow older...(I'm currently aged 38)...the result of the back injury -sciatica- seems to come on a lot more frequently, now...; and, also, takes far longer a period of time to get to fully recover from.
Yep! I'm 36 and the bumps and bruises come along much more regularly if I'm not careful with it.

Otherwise, I'm likely to remain a total beginner white belt for all the rest of my entire life!
And if that were to happen your life would change how? I took some serious time off a few years back and I learned one thing from it. I like this stuff, a lot, but if it went away, the world would keep going right along. In the end, martial arts practice is very replaceable.

I wonder, though, what do others do when they feel they might be injured, already
Stay off the mat! Forever, if need be!


Redefine what you are doing and want out of the art. I'm still struggling with this one. I've always done a very physical practice and there are certain things my body is just not going to let me do any more and it's apparently not debateable. So I'm learning to lighten things up and find different things in the practice. It's a mighty struggle at the moment.

I wonder, in particular, how the Samurai must have trained...they must have had many an off day, too(strains/pains/injuries)...; as, indeed, I presume there must be lots of off days for students of martial arts, now-a-days, as well
Well, I can't speak for how the samurai did it, but take a look at modern sports. Training camps are actually less intense than they used to be. There is also such a thing as overtraining. Everyone takes days off. I don't even buy the every day up at 5:00 and train till 9:00 stuff of lore. Maybe some did it but I'm not convinced it was exactly the way the stories are told. It probably snowed a lot on that uphill road to and from class too.

I'm also pretty sure that there were not many 38 year old samurai running off into battle. If it was anything like it was elsewhere, 38 was a ripe old age.
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