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Originally posted by mruk4u

I wonder, though, what do others do when they feel they might be injured, already...and, that going to lessons could, quite possibly, make that injury feel far worse(or, even become a more permanent injury instead of temporary) they then decide to wait to get much better...; or, do they not hesitate, and, just go along -rather mindlessly-, anyway...; I mean, do you always just simply try and force yourself to go, regardless of any cosequences?
I recently got a wrist injury (been surprised by a nikkyo during a randori). It was very painful. I simply go to see a physician and ask him what he thinks abou it. He tells me that I can continue to practice but no lock or hyperextension on this wrist. If he had tell me that I had to stop for some time, I would have stopped. There's no question in my mind that preserving my health is way more important than doing aikido... Many time I've seen people going to train despite injury when they should have stay home. What usually happens is that instead of having miss some weeks, they miss some months because they get only worst and their injuries become so bad that they are forced to stop...

So, for me, if you feel it may be dangerous for you to do aikido, simply stop. Or, at least, don't do the fall. Simply ask your partner that you cannot fall and to stop before that... It also good for your partner since it takes a lot of control to stop a technique in the middle of it...
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