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I'm afraid, I must confess, I've attended no Aikido lessons, atall, this month(Jan 2002).

Right now, I fear going to class, and, having to take constant breakfalls, as many times, I find myself landing right on my back, endlessly, again, and again. I'm not too sure my back can endure taking that sort of constant battering pressure, anymore, yet...not until when my back feels a hell of a lot more stronger, anyway.

Sciatica, is like really acutely sharp back pain/-that feels like a trapped nerve-/affecting lower hip-buttock-upper calf. Thus, making it extremely difficult to train, effectively...turn/twist/breakfall/-etc.

I have been suffering from this Sciatica condition for quite a long time, now...definitely, for years and years...; and, so, I'm not really sure exactly where it comes from...; maybe, it was the accumulation of stresses endured in my younger years...when I tried practicing running(sprinting/jogging), or, even going for say 10 mile long walks on solid, and, unyeliding hard pavements/gymnastics(forward-backwards-sideways rolling)/yoga(falling down from hand, or, head stands)/ballet/dance(overdoing it for much too long-not really knowing when to stop? Stopping only when something feels like it's, quite suddenly, gone wrong!)/kung fu postures(too low horse)/high kicks/-etc.

(I recall one time, for example, I tried doing a high kick, lost my balance on the standing leg, and, ended up with all of my body weight landing right on my hip...I couldn't stand/walk/sit/or, lie properly for, at least, two whole weeks!

Another time, sparring, my partner caught my high kick...and, pulled up on my leg...again, all of my weight landed right on the bottom of my spine...OUCH!)

Anyway, as I grow older...(I'm currently aged 38)...the result of the back injury -sciatica- seems to come on a lot more frequently, now...; and, also, takes far longer a period of time to get to fully recover from.

Too, it seems to come and go, largely, unpredictably...and, can last anything between a few days.../right upto a few weeks long...before, apparently, completely vanishing, again!

Right now, however, all I can do is just wait. I sincerely hope to be able to recover, again, soon,, I can get on with my learning Aikido.

Otherwise, I'm likely to remain a total beginner white belt for all the rest of my entire life!

I wonder, though, what do others do when they feel they might be injured, already...and, that going to lessons could, quite possibly, make that injury feel far worse(or, even become a more permanent injury instead of temporary) they then decide to wait to get much better...; or, do they not hesitate, and, just go along -rather mindlessly-, anyway...; I mean, do you always just simply try and force yourself to go, regardless of any cosequences?

The reason why I have to ask this question is a part of me feels like I might be just making another excuse to get to avoid going to classes, regularly...; even though I know I do really want to go...and, that my problem is real/certainly, no joke! And, another part of me feels terribly guilty and ashamed whenever I miss a, afterwards, I find myself calling myself a complete and total coward for not having gone along!

I wonder, in particular, how the Samurai must have trained...they must have had many an off day, too(strains/pains/injuries)...; as, indeed, I presume there must be lots of off days for students of martial arts, now-a-days, as well...especially, for people who are teachers...they are duty bound, I guess, to have to show up through thick or through thin...which makes me have to deeply admire the strength of these sort of people all the more.

Bye4now!/BEST wishes, always!/-Paul(UK/London)

PS: Have a NICE day!
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