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Re: A question

I'm reasonably certain that Aikido was not in fact developed from Tai jutsu or Kendo. Let me be absolutely clear I am not divorcing Aikido from sword technique. I am simply saying that the techniques are much older than they could be if it was simply born out of Kendo or Tai jutsu. The techniques of Ai and ki were a guarded secret of the Aizu clan for a thousand years, made famous by Daito ryu Aiki Jujutsu. The Takeda family are responisible for guarding the secret techniques that were taught over this time to only the best practitioners of jujutsu. Read Obata Sensei's Samurai Aikijutsu for a lineage and a frank but opinionated angle on the developement of Aikido into its modern form. I found it hard to read because Obata Sensei does not mince words and has strong words to say about O'sensei and Jigoro Kano Sensei. But I found it refreshing that he speaks so openly and if any body is qualified to write on the lineage of Aiki technique it is a descendant of the Aizu clan himself.

But in principle I see where your coming from. Aikidoka should seek to expand there knowledge of the sword and body mechanics. The sword is an excellent tool for learning Kimai and improving Kamai. I can only talk form my experience in Pre war Aikido but I believe Aikido is a complete art and that study Kendo and tai jutsu are not necessary but may be complimentary, but no more than any other physical practice.

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