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Re: Tai sabaki for reverse yokomenuchi

Hey Ron...I apologize for the seemingly sharp tone to my last was definitely unintentional and not what was meant! I by NO MEANS consider myself to be an authority on any of these matters and definitely don't consider myself to have any higher knowledge than anyone else here [or anyone else's teachers for that matter!].

I'm with you on the whole Kushida sensei thing and it would be of interest to see if he had any influence on the whole weapons thing. Myself...I think that the kata itself is basic enough to have come from anywhere.

I find it very interesting as well to see what changes and mutations have occurred in Yoshinkan Aikido. Like you mentioned, others have trained at Honbu at various phases of an ever changing "Honbu Dojo" and that is reflected in what they teach as their understanding...who is right?!?

For a system that is suppose to be systematized there is definitely many different flavors going on!

Again...please ignore any unintentional negative tones from the last post...


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