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Re: Tai sabaki for reverse yokomenuchi

Hi Ron,

I checked the link to the video that I provided and it seems to be working ok on my end.

This kata form very well may have been something that Kushida sensei had some input in on while he was still with the Yoshinkan Honbu, however, I am definitely not talking about something that was taught/created by him since his coming to the States [and subsequent departure from the Yoshinkan].

This is a kata form practiced and taught at Honbu dojo. I know for a fact that it is taught to the senshusei and demoed every year at the all Japan. Like I said I saw it with me own eyes the almost 5 years that I was in Japan [and guess who usually demos it at the All Japan...the special riot police that are part of the senshusei program].

The fact is [Boon] that there is A LOT that is taught at the Honbu that isn't taught elsewhere [unless your instructor was a part of Honbu!]

Anyway...since I have a copy of the original IYAF video tapes that contain this form, here is a link to an excerpt that contains tanto soho as provided by Honbu [note on the 3rd dan requirements Chida sensei is the demonstrator]. Hope it helps to fill in the blanks.


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