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Tim Griffiths
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Originally posted by mruk4u to CA
Hi Colleen,

You said you went to 700 lessons, and, all in less than one single year, alone!........
But, I've only just far to date I've written merely 1 single posting, alone...; but, you it appears have written 100's of posts to the AikiWeb message boards...
Paul raises a good question - with 700 classes a year, how does Colleen find the time to write the number of posts she does? Then it hit me - she doesn't weigh too much, so with a big tori and a shock-proof laptop - plenty of flight time for writing posts.

Incidently, with maximum 8 classes a week and ~1 seminar a month, that's still only 500 classes a year for me...
...and I'm getting old - I need my healing time as much as my practice time these days...

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