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Re: Poll: Do you think your physical aikido abilities will keep getting more effective as you age into your elder years?

I would hope that those who have responded so far are in their "elder" years. Since the poll lacks clarity in this aspect ,and as we all know , with any good debate the defining of the terms allows for clear and incisive discussion. We should perhaps undertake this exercise at this time.

First let us look the contention "Do you think your physical aikido abilities will keep getting more effective as you age into your elder years?"

What do we mean by physical ?
phys·i·cal adj
1. relating to the body, rather than with the mind, the soul, or the feelings
2. existing in the real material world, rather than as an idea or notion, and able to be touched and seen
3. involving or needing a lot of bodily strength or energy
4. involving a lot of bodily contact or aggression
5. tending to touch people or involving touching, especially in an affectionate or sexual way (informal)
6. used to describe sciences such as physics and chemistry that deal with nonliving things such as energy and matter

Since I am the first person, I will choose behind door number 2, existing in the real world.

For my second definition I'll choose abilities.
a·bil·i·ty n
1. the capacity to do something or perform successfully
2. a particular talent or acquired skill
3. a high degree of general skill or competence

Door number …………………………………2 a particular talent or acquired skill.

And so not to pass into obsurdity I will only look at only one more definition, and that is of the key term "elder"

eld·er1 adj
1. born before others, especially within a family, or having more seniority. See
2. superior to others, either by rank or experience

Let's pick number 1.

So what do we have? We have real world aikido, which is an acquired skill, effectively performed by your older brother or sister! (That is debating terms, might be called a minor "squirrel" of a topic.)

Now that we understand the poll I can vote ……………… perhaps

and you all can vote again.


That was fun since I'm the third youngest elder in our dojo , plan on being the eldest in 10 to 30 years, my son will be my age in 40 years, and he will be in University in 2 and those young'uns got a long way to go if they want to catch me 'cause I can still run real fast. So take note Mark! Colin ! Todd!! et al
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