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Re: Question from a beginner

I do Yoshinkan and have always done Kihon Dosa this way:
Hiriki No Yosei Ichi (elbow power 1)
Hiriki No Yosei Ni (elbow power 2)
Tai No Henko Ichi (body change movement 1)
Tai No Henki Ni (body change movement 2)
Shumatsu Dosa Ichi (after-class exercise 1)
Shumatsu Dosa Ni (after-class exercise 2)

If you want to build up a daily routine Kihon Dosa with some Migi Hanmi Kamae and Hidari Hanmi Kamae and Shikko-Ho (knee walking) are a good start point. But ask you Sensei first as he might have a daily routine he wants you to do.

A useful book to get is Total Aikido by Gozo Shioda Sensei. It is good for beginners as it shows the basics clearly with key points to observe.

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