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Paul Nicholls
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Re: Question from a beginner

Duh--yes, I guess we should ask! Everyone has been more than helpful so far and guess they always are. I knew someone here would steer us newbies in the right direction!

Aiki Budo Centre is Yoshinkan and all the background about the instructors on the website at Plus it looks like they anticipated our question too, since they've created two resources that look like they would be useful at home:

Two digitaly mastered videotapes showing 9th kyu through 1st Kyu. This set features Shinan Amos Parker 8th Dan. The two tape set uses two angle views (ground level and 3/4 top view) so that students can grasp the intracacies of the techniques.

Kyu Review CD. A Web browser based CD database showing 9th kyu through 1st Kyu. Glossary, stills, video, more.
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