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Paul Nicholls
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Re: Question from a beginner

Hey Erin! Think I am from the same dojo and in the same boat. I'm the (very) old guy who just started and also missed all last week--not a good start! Anyway, I've been looking too and found two vids on YouTube that you MIGHT be able to glean the techniques from a bit:

Otherwise, "Kihon Dosa" will prove a better search term on Google than "fundamental/basic," it's not TOO hard to find basic name/description as this:

Tai no henko ichi
Cross step in body change (solo)
Step-in movement when pulled

And I expect those detailed diagrams we can't find may be in books. London Public Library has several and they will send them from central to your local branch for you. Otherwise, maybe we worry too much and just need to learn "in person" and will "get" it enough to practice pretty soon? But maybe someone else will give us a good lead too--it would be quite useful to be able to practice between classes?

Maybe "osu!" is the bottom line here, though? Anyway, see you Tuesday or Thursday I guess!
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