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Originally posted by Sarah
I think we already have Yes I have done the imaginary nage thing in all seriousness, although not with yonkyo. It does give you an alternate perspective, paticularly on things like iriminage and kotegashi. Ikkyo is interesting, too.

I believe that things can be useful, fun and yes, a bit silly at the same time - its not uncommon for people to burst into laughter on the mat.
Actually, imaginary uke's have been a staple for some time where I hang out. Most of the time I'm iffy with it but one day I was teaching a class and did it. The before and after with the imaginary uke's was remarkable. Don't know why, and wouldn't consider one time to be hard evidence, but there was a very clear technical improvement that time.

If nothing else, it's an odd place to hang out, which makes it the type of thing to interest me.
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