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Re: Criss Angel and Koichi Tohei

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
How do you do the unliftable body trick? And please don't say 'just keep One Point.' It doesn't really help.
Hi Raul,

My 9-year old daughter does this and it's great to see the look on people's faces!

Here's the stages she goes thru in her mind to prepare herself:

1) Think of one point. (Sorry! It helps her when it comes to keeping weight underside and not thinking about the other persons strength.)

2) Completely relax.

3) (Her arms are straight down, btw, not bent...) Fire flames out of her finger-tips and...

4) As she is lifted she shoots off into space.

She could do this within 10 minutes of her first lesson! It was a while before I realised that not all styles of Aikido do this sort of thing. They are certainly more than gimmicks, as we use unbendable arm (for example) all of the time.
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