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Re: Criss Angel and Koichi Tohei

Well, I was sort of put on the spot the other day in a class that I assist. I'd really only successfully done the unliftable body "trick" once, and sensei pulled the two biggest guys in the class to lift me. To my relief, I correctly demonstrated this phenomena. You have to remain relaxed, any tension in your body will make your body rigid and easily moved. What I did was really keep my weight underside, and almost imagine myself as a shock absorber with a little bit of give. I also visualized a connection between my hands and my feet, as well as my feet and the floor. The look on these guys faces was awesome, especially since I let them lift me the first time and then changed my mind, which is really what's being tested here. I highly recommend checking out a Ki Society dojo if you are really interested in this sort of thing. Any legitimate instructor should have no problem demonstrating and helping you learn to do this. It's not something that you have to be godan to pull off by any means! (I'm a kyu FYI).
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