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Guillaume Erard
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Re: Criss Angel and Koichi Tohei

Mike Haft wrote:

I too am a scientist by trade and I personally have no problem with the concept of ki as being anything other than scientific, I do not regard it as mystical. I prefer to think of 'ki' as being 'mind', and just as gravity is a force which only affects things which have mass, ki may be construed as a force which only affects things which have 'mind'.

I like your vision about Ki, it pleases my brain; however, I have met so called "Ki specialists" who told me that Ki was much more than that without explaining me in clear, concise English what they were talking about.

Since you can achieve these exercises, could you please explain to me how you physically perform them? Let's take the one with people pushing in front of you. Do you concentrate on "the one point" as Tohei says or is it all just a matter or redirecting the force? If the latter, we are therefore talking about a physical trick aren't we?
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