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Re: Criss Angel and Koichi Tohei

Guillaume Erard wrote:
Does anyone here has personnally experienced (or mastered??) one of these exrecises?
As for the guy's video, he also walks up walls in another video... gravity is one thing I DO believe in...
I have one of the books of Tohei, if you read the book, you feel it is very easy to do the unliftable body etc. He wrote that you should just relax and imagine that your feet are rooting deep to the ground...but I have never been able
the same thing for the unbendable arm: you should extend your arm and imagine an object in front of your fingers. You should try to push the object with your fingers (or imagine something flowing out through your finger point...It works, tested and approved
and the guy, Criss, sure he is just an illusionist but knows every Ki exercise (the program on TV was longer than the Clip, he showed more tricks, which I are also in Tohei's book).
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