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Criss Angel and Koichi Tohei

Hi Fellows,
You all may have watched the video of K. Tohei (, performing some of Ki exercises...Yesterday, I came across on Criss Angel, an illusionist, on TV. He was doing the same thing, and behaving like he has magic powers I searched it on youtube, and here it is:

My question is, do you practice (or how often) Ki exercises in your dojo? I can not stand "nailed" like Tohei (and O'Sensei, you know his pics, he's sitting and ukes are trying to push-pull him)...I think these exercises could help to improve the effectiveness of our techniques.

I am only able to do the "unbendable arm" and did it during a gokyu training. The nage could not bend my arm while we were on ground...The guy asked sensei for help, I let my Ki flow through my fingers , my sensei tried to bend my arm gently and threaded with his knee on my neck thereafter. What I have learned; Sensei has more Ki
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