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Aikido and Judo Seminar in Enid, OK, 11/3-11/5

Posted 2006-10-07 13:45:58 by Ron Anderson

Aikido and Judo Schools Intl. will host a seminar at the Kami Dojo.

Aikido and Judo Seminar will be held November 3,4,5 2006 in Enid Oklahoma. Starts at 7:30 Friday and ends 12:00 noon Sunday. You can stay at the Dojo.

Hospitality room will be available for food and drinks throughout the clinic. In this seminar we will cover the study of basics of our Tomiki ryu system (including a basic demonstration through Sandan) Judo matwork will alos be instructed (Kudo style) and how these basics of Aikido correlate with Dr. Kano's Judo system and vice a versa.

This will be a fun packed seminar. Endorsments include J.W. Bode 7th Dan, Jeremy Anderson 6th Dan and Robert Steele 6th Dan and finally Jack Anderson 8th Dan. Certificates of assessed rank may be obtained through Aikido and Judo Schools Intl.

Edited Tapes of clinic and T shirt will be available at the clinic. Price of clinic (preregistered before October 20th)is $65.00 if you want to order Tshirt and video the price is $100.00. Seminar cost at the door is $100.00. Also available new is the Nage No Kata instuctional tape ($65.00) and our entire system of Tomiki Ryu Style of Aikido 4 set video step by step from white belt to third black ($95.00)are also available.

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