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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Szcepan, that is what I get for posting before coffee in the morning, my meanness shows. Sorry.

Yamaguchi Sensei is dead why do you refer to him as if he was still alive? You make derogatory statements about the fundamental abilities of men that have dedicated their life to the study of Aikido. Don't be upset if some people don't like that. They attempt to make their lives' and the lives of those people around them better through martial principles. That to me is a laudable thing. I have trained with these people at both ends of the spectrum of physical contact and I believe making a definitive statement about a lacking in their skills is unjustified. If you truly believe someone's stuff don't work then go after them on the mat. You will either prove your point or get broken. I have done both in my quest to learn Aikido. I have seen shihans such as you degrade slap down other shiahns some people thought were tough guys and to be admired. One thing I hope you learn is that things are not always as they seem. As far as martial principle is concerned and as far as life and death are concerned I have not met a Japanese Shihan yet that has been to war. This doesn't detract from their skill but lets put thing into perspective OK.

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