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Re: Tai sabaki for reverse yokomenuchi

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Ushiro nage = ushiro ate in Tomiki term. Click on link to see animation of ushiro nage/ate. The picture show kata version, but many nasty thing can come out of this technique if you follow through with it e.g., hadaka jime, okuri eri jime or kataha jime (all judo choking techs).

I am no good with description of techniques using words, I hope the picture can help me describe it better.

Thanks Ron and Boon for the translation - and the animated gifs

Having said this though, I usually practice [ushiro nage] to counter shomenuchi... I have to try this in the dojo, but I'm thinking... suppose uke strikes with a reverse yokomenuchi using the right hand... then his right hand [tegatana] and arm will travel from left to right and extend outwards to his right... moving behind uke (assuming you enter from uke's right) means you have to be really fast to avoid being hit...

Doing an irimi (as Dazzler pointed out) and then tenkan (or tenkai) would put me to his side, and in a natural position to redirect his attack without having to rush so deeply behind him...
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