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Re: Tai sabaki for reverse yokomenuchi

Ignatius Teo wrote:
If you're talking about shuto uchi (knife hand strike), you have to enter from the outside (i.e. the dead side). Wakigatame comes to mind, but anything's possible, except catching the wrist... I would prefer control of the elbow and control of the center.
Specifically speaking, I am not so partial to waki-gatamae in this scenario. Reasons:

1) If the swing is really coming and fast, trying to catch a waki is a risk as one may miss and get a body shot to the ribs.

2) In a randori setting, putting a waki is really OUCH on uke if it is applied forcefully or snappy. I hate that done to me or my randori'ing partner. Putting a waki-gatamae from ground is better for training as you achieve better control and less injury risk.

3) Personally I tend to fumble trying to position my forearm against the elbow joint; which if my uke is fighting back, I would have lost the initiative.

Overall, waki-gatamae is difficult to apply effectively in sparring without actually hurting uke unless you apply them in newaza setting.


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