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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Bryan Bateman wrote:
Hi Peter,

I don't think I'm being that hard on Szczepan, I've read enough of his post's over the years to know it's water of a duck's back. Whilst I agree that video's posted into the public domain open themselves for debate, I find it a shame that people that have been practicing Aikido for any length of time find the need to criticize others so much. I'm not defending Endo sensei specifically, but making a sweeping statement like this
Me I think it is a shame that some techers show useless exercises that distract attention of students from martial element of aikido, and direct the student's developement on sterile way.
Bryan Bateman wrote:
without having any experience of the teachers in question is disapointing, maybe Szczepan just likes to be "gomasuri"?
How do you know that, Bryan? Actually I participated in few seminars with Yamaguchi and Endo senseis. And I did practice with some of their students.

As O sensei said: aikido it is matter of Life and Death.
There is on old saying from Himalaya:
Life is separated from Death by only a fraction a second. During this time one must decide and his decision must be Right one. Aikido develops such capacity.
I hope now you understand that leght of video is more than enough to see the True.

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