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Re: Tai sabaki for reverse yokomenuchi

Ron Tisdale wrote:
...this is a nice attack to shake up your shite... Especially if a tanto is involved! There is a mawashi response that can lead to any number of throws,
Hmm... Knife versus sumo obi. That image lingers in the brain.

There is a nifty kaitennage ( with a couple of off-ramps).

If uke is attacking with the the right hand, nage/tori's left comes across and meets the outside of the attack as you enter and turn soto. The reversing uchi turn then carries it in a big circle down around across your center with the hip turn (there is a gokyo transition available here), then back up, extending the left hand under the arm as you irimi in, raising the left hand behind the shoulder (There is a koshinage/iriminage available here, where the left arm carries the shoulder and head as you step through or turn underneath)

Continuing the kaitennage you also extend the right hand to catch and cut the back of the neck down with a strong cutting action as you enter deeply, shoulder to shoulder, and turn soto again, cutting the head and extending it down, while extending uke's arm up with nage's left hand rising across his own chest.

Then its a kaitennage throw, but close up. There is also a more immediate drop to suwari, which is very optional -- especially depending on how well you like your partner.


Erick Mead
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