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Re: Tai sabaki for reverse yokomenuchi

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Reverse yokomen-uchi = Gyaku Yokomen-uchi in Yoshinkan term.

Possible (High Percentage) techniques to counter this action are in jiyu-waza setting:

1) Kotegashi ni (tenkan version)

2) Ikkajo/Ikkyo ichi (irimi version), for this you have to get in fast enough before the swing actually start or before the swing acheive great momentum.

3) Ushiro nage

4) irimi tsuki (shomen ate) - but then irimi tsuki is suitable as a response to anything..... see my signature.

The terms I speak are Yoshinkan, I am unsure what Aikikai call them.



Thanks for your helpful comments... And I speak Yoshinkan OK... I have Shioda Kancho's books (Dynamic Aikido and Total Aikido) and some Yoshinkan DVDs as well...

However, I am hoping you can translate Ushiro Nage... how would that work?
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