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Re: Tai sabaki for reverse yokomenuchi

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
I did this move many years ago, in my first dojo, but just can't remember what tori's tai sabaki was.... so I'm hoping somone can enlighten me

The move is still yokomenuchi... but, the starting position for the striking arm is across your face... instead of to the side or directly in front...and when striking, the palm is down instead of up... some might call it a reverse yokomenuchi, others with bokken training might see it as a side cut in the 'other' direction.

I'm thinking that the most natural movement for tori might be a tenkan, so that you can catch the wrist as it swings to the side... but... is that correct?
You can go forward to the outside of uke. eg. Make irimi.

Or you can withdraw out of range. Maybe this is the tenkan you mean? However - expect another attack if you do this.

If you turn / tenkan where you are you have done nothing and are still on the line of the attack.

I prefer to go forward, many things are posible from here.


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