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sure your proably gonna get hit but my sensei said one of the reasons people like shioda can throw with almost no touch is becasue the moment one does touch them or get in a good range they react instantly and solidly. but that requires years and years of dedicated and focused practace. focus is one of the things that a lot of people miss in their training ( at least in dojos ive been to including my own untill we started to be more focused , boxers arnt really the best people to test your aikido to the max I would much rather go against a street fighter or a dirty fighter becasue when they see an opening they use it and they also "cheat" ( there are no rules to fighting) and makes you use your imagination much more what if the guy tried to kick you while faking a punch something a boxer would never do. there are opionons on this and that is good it means everybodys thinking!

Dallas Adolphsen
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