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Re: Re: Re: a more subtle meaning...

Originally posted by cconstantine

My uke waza has two conscious purposes. (It may have other side effects, but I'm not intentionally aiming for those.) These are things which, if I find my conscious mind insists on interupting, I will then think about.

1. my training in aikido. Blending with energy met, wether positive or negative, with a relaxed, steadfast and open mind, body and spirit. In this aspect, my uke waza is the same as my nage waza. I try to practice this aspect at all times (and not just on the matt.)

2. helping others train at aikido. This means (when I'm uke) fostering an environment in which others can grow. To this end all of my items in '1.' are important, but I may have to blend with a junior nage. A senior student or an instructor will blend just fine without assistance. These aikidoka (senior to me -- not "senior" in rank, but senior in a particular moment) are best helped by my focusing and extending ki. A junior nage may be just on the verge of grasping or loosing one point, and if I "stay nearby" (physically, mentally, and in terms of blending) I create a spacial (physically) and mental environment where they can learn to blend and to keep one point.
<There's more, but it's a bit long to repeat. You can go read it upthread.>

Um - having read and reread your reply I am still at a loss as to why uke blends.Your answer doesn't seem to address this at all. It just says that when you take ukemi you try to blend.

Come to think of it, I would also like to know what you mean by 'blending'. I thought I knew but I am becoming less and less sure that I do.

I would suggest a rather more prosaic reason for your consideration - maybe put it as point #0 for your list. Uke does what uke does in order to avoid injury.

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