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Dojo: Aikido of South Florida
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Cool 3 Month Kohai in Sunny South Florida = )

Sunny Greetings to All!
My name is Gina and I'll be 33 in November. I belong to the Aikido of South Florida dojo and began my study of Iwama Ryu in early August of 2006 under Stephanie Yap Sensei.
Many years ago I had read The Art of Peace by O'Sensei and have carried the desire to study Aikido in my soul ever since. I am pleased to say that I have finally arrived!
Currently I am reading up on the meaning of Kiai, kototama, and misogi. I am enjoying the challange of trying to rap my brain around even a fraction of understanding at this point and am excited at the notion that many years will pass and I'll still feel like I know nothing!
I'm always open for discussion, so keep me posted!
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita for created such an AWESOME site!!!!

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