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Originally posted by Brian Crowley The only problem is that if you don't train to fight in close, you are both in an uncomfortable environment.
This can be overcome by training at different ma ai. Ma ai does not mean being outside of attack range; there are different "ma". Most aikido techniques are illustrated at "toi ma" or "far distance". Techniques can still be done at different ma, it just requires fitting just a little differently, or finding techniques that are more appropriate at certain intervals, such as koshi waza, etc.
...Therefore in a hypothetical example, the boxer and Aikidoka are now standing nearly toe to toe. Now neither is really doing the art he is comfortable with.
Standing toe to toe does not necessarily mean we are clashing. This is one emphasis of sword training in Aikido. If I am off of his "power line" and yet he is on my "power line", I am definitely doing the art I am familiar with. It may not be the same as training in the dojo, but principle is still the same. This may be one reason boxers are so feared (for lack of a better word) by the martial arts community. Once you learn to throw a punch, the job becomes one of maneuvering the opponent onto the power line at the correct time to use that punch. Watch good boxers, they do a lot to throw a punch; we do they move so much?

Jim Vance
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