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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Erick Mead wrote:
Look forward to it. How do you "compress the spine"?

And how do you mean "agete"? 挙げて?

Can you describe your best sense of the mechanics of it? If you mean that you are altering the lordosis or kyphosis curves, I may have some sense of what you mean, especially with the earlier yoga "downward dog" reference.

I have a very hard time getting a sense of how the countering moment is developed merely by letting the spine snap back into its curvature -- if that is the mechanism. The two curves are opposed in orientation and any induced moment from one would be cancelled out by the other.
Er sorry, using our terminology again.
Agete simply means "raise hands"(上げ手), akin to what you guys probably call Kokyu dosa, but its simpler. There's no twisting of the wrists, and your hands are held down in your lap, and you raise them without using force in the arms.

The "compression" is done by pulling up and down at base of the neck, as well as the tailbone, which makes the lower back feels like it slightly compresses. There's other stuff that has to do with relaxing but push/pulling the pelvic crease, but that's an additional factor really.
I'd say that its not simply letting the spine snap back to its curvature, its like you compress it and as you let go, you still keep the compression there, which means you're always building up potential energy.
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