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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Robert John wrote:
Erick, reading your description, I'd definitely have to say I disagree.
If anything you're trying to eliminate any sway in your body, but like they say, this stuff is best understood if felt.
Power actually comes from compression of the "spine", and the principal behind delivery is much the same as agete (in my case anyways).
Be interesting to compare notes one day
Look forward to it. How do you "compress the spine"?

And how do you mean "agete"? 挙げて?

Can you describe your best sense of the mechanics of it? If you mean that you are altering the lordosis or kyphosis curves, I may have some sense of what you mean, especially with the earlier yoga "downward dog" reference.

I have a very hard time getting a sense of how the countering moment is developed merely by letting the spine snap back into its curvature -- if that is the mechanism. The two curves are opposed in orientation and any induced moment from one would be cancelled out by the other.


Erick Mead
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