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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Erick Mead wrote:
I see what you mean. Sorry I missed this earlier. Thanks for the video.

This actually helps me see something what Mike is so vaguely talking about, although it also confirms me further that he is wrong.

By reference to the front of his pants with the line of the mat just in front of them (but in background) you can see that the man on the right (apparently more skilled by the interaction), leans his hips forward just as he begins his push, but keeping his legs straight and his torso relatively steady. A straight leg pivot describes an arc, and if it is departing the center, it is headed downward, thus acclerating under force of gravity with no muscular input other that creating the topple.

So, while it seems "obvious" that like neither one has anything supporting their push, it is visually deceptive. The reaction to the push of the partners' arms is in fact absorbed by their own countering forward momentum, closely in rhythm. This is the closest I have seen to anything "springlike" but it is simply using that initiating forward momentum as the backstop for the backward reaction to the forward push.

AAANNDD most importantly -- it is angular momentum created by gravity accleration from an intentionally perturbed balance system that commences the whole thing.

Well ok taking this a step further,
say someone takes the pushout posture, only instead of pushing the partner, he "punches" him. How does the angular momentum you describe keep the "puncher" from being knocked back, and why would the "punched" person be knocked back instead?
Remember the person is weakest physically front to back.
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