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Re: What is "Aikido"?

David Orange wrote:
There, I think you need to observe more babies more closely. Unless an adult attaches intense emotion to their walking and falling, babies take both as ordinary miracles in stride. They typically don't even get flustered when they fall (unless they fall really hard) and just get up and keep on about their business.
A good correction and point taken. Please read it as amended -- "wail and flail like immature adolescents."

David Orange wrote:
But even more than aikido, judo gives us a ground for the kind of play-fighting by which lions and tigers become strong and able fighters.
Oh, we play plenty, and in some ways we can go places in play that judo rules out, because of the manner of our play. And, humans are not like lions or or tigers -- sadly, they are far more vicious when they act in fear.
David Orange wrote:
However, I do think that physics sometimes suffers the illusion (physicists may, at least) that it can and should be used to explain everything. And I think some things are best not attempted through rationality.
"Bodhi is no tree,
nor the mind a standing mirror bright.
Since all is originally empty,
where does the dust alight?"


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