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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Erick Mead wrote:
That is pretty much it - returning to our original nature and what we are naturally capable of developing, not our constructed nature -- our maya.

Physics has its issues, as a system of knowledge, but illusion is not one of them.
Erick and others,

Please allow me to recuse myself from the discussion at this point. I do so without implying either agreement or disagreement with your statements, but simply because it is not a discussion I wish to have in this venue and under these conditions. It is not that I do think it would be an interesting discussion, only that its likely direction would take it too far off topic. This message is intended only to signal that my failure to comment should not be interpreted as having any other meaning.

I have enjoyed the discussion, and I respectfully request you not make any 'parting shot', tempting as it may be - as I will not be available to respond this time.

Thank you,
Chhi'mčd Künzang
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