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Mike Sigman
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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Well then, Abe, Tohei, Ueshiba, and all the others were just simpletons for acting like kokyu power was special or even deserved a special name. Who knew??? Thanks for bringing this startling revelation to the forefront, Erick.

Incidentally,.... just for the sake of discussion.... let's pretend for a minute that there is a special form of movement that takes special training and needs someone to show you how to get started, etc., (sort of like Tohei says he learned it from Tempu Nakamura, and so on). The really interesting question is whether every practitioner of a martial art should learn how to do that stuff. It's an interesting philosophical discussion because it potentially means that some teachers and students, etc., are left out in the cold. What's your opinion on this potential problem?


Mike Sigman
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