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Mike Sigman
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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Erick Mead wrote:
A point I missed. The major torso joints, shoulder, hip, are universal joints. No cam action of these joints is possible because an out of plane input will alter the plane of movement of the joint without much reaction. Which is sort of my point,
Well there you go, then. Who knew? BTW... there are a few people running around and maybe reading the forum that I've released in a "cam-like" (notice this is what I originally said.. I did not say the joints were cams) into, without any windup or obvious movement. Not to do any self-pumping, but just to indicate that there are witnesses that can support my "cam-like" statement. I.e., it's not just my story against your story. "Stillness in motion".
Are we to assume that a pitcher can linearly push a baseball faster toward the plate than the balletic scheme of rotational transformations that are actually used to do this? (Yet another common ground for the U.S and Japan.) MLB may want to pay MIke hefty consulting fees, if this is so.
Why on earth would we confuse martial arts, with all its varied motions, and baseball? So far you seem to be doing some strange analysis of motion that has yet, insofar as I can see, fully explained any unique motion that would be "kokyu power". In fact, to date every analysis you've put down could simply just be your attempts to explain normal motion. Using your "joint rotation" fixation, nothing you have said differentiates between kokyu, ki, normal motion, etc.


Mike Sigman
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