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Well today my friend and I observed a training session of the New England Aikikai.
It was 90 degrees in boston today and the class was relitively small.

First we watched a beginners class
My expectations of the sensai teaching the class maybe were a little too high but, One thing I noticed is that he was constantly staring at the clock on the wall. Every two or three seconds he would look at it.
Also, the students would bow after he individually instructed one of them, but he would turn away and leave to look at the clock before they were done bowing.

The next class was a normal mixed class
This one was GREAT ! the sensai was a mix of respectfull, and energetic.
Some students that were late would wait at the side for permission to enter the dojo. She was very good. Teaching the students and acknowledge thier respestfull bows.
The general atmosphere seemd rather casual, but I suppose the degree of devotion is left up to the participant.

This school is pretty easy to get to, and I think I will attend this one.
Again, I plan to be more serious in my training, and I noticed a few others there that were serious also.

I look forward to begining my training, practicing my falls at home, and such.

I was REALLY impressed with the grace of the style as demonstrated by the senior students.

I think I will enjoy myself, and my expiriance in Aikido


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