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a more subtle meaning...

...I think there's a deeper question involved here.

The first interpretation (could you throw your identical clone) is important in measuring your concrete progress in Aikido. But, on a deeper level -- and I'm not sure the poll was meant to raise this question -- one's answer is critical of one's uke waza (the practice of being uke.)

While there's a time and place for a very heavy/immovable/imposing (choose your style's favoured adjective) uke waza, making nage smack against a "brick wall" doesn't help them grow. It's my opinion that a good uke can always be thrown by nage because uke blends with nage. Uke brings the aggresive energy to the confrontation. But a good uke is one who can do all of that, and at the same time FEEL nage and be appropriate to nage's techniques and movement.

A good uke ramsp up and up and up as nage grows (over months/ years as well as during one class or a few minutes.) I think its important to believe that uke and nage practice together. Aikido is blending. Please don't interpret my comments to mean I think uke should be wishy-washy, wimpy or fall over at the touch of a finger!

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