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Mike Sigman
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Re: What is "Aikido"?

David Skaggs wrote:
(in support of Erick Mead's "scientific" explanation of how kokyu works) While imagery such as this is useful to some in understanding things, I prefer explanations in using scientific language in American English. Language that I already know and explanations that I can verify without learning different languages, cultures and philosophies.
So why not verify and let us know what you find. Here... do something simple. Analyse the simply thigh or chest pushes O-Sensei does on this video clip in terms of "gyro-dynamics".

They are pretty simple moves, yet they are the heart of kokyu-nage and without the spinning and turning of gyro's. Let's see some analysis. I can do and explain these things without resorting to angular momentum in any meaningful way, yet I don't consider myself particularly skilled. Perhaps I am just simple and ignorant... alas.


Mike Sigman
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