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Re: What is "Aikido"?


You mentioned before that you spent a decade flying helicopters. When you were , say, taking, off, were you thinking of gyrodynamic forces, resultants and so on? Or were you focused on how the controls felt, what the instruments looked like and how that related to you own sense of balance (i.e. the horizon etc?). I have a lot of respect for helicopter pilots -- having been in them a few times I realize how chaotic and unstable they are even in the best of conditions.

Thinking is good, but only after/before practice. As someone once said, "don't think; feel" =)

As far as judging a method by the results--

I've never met Rob. But we have corresponded quite a bit, and I've practiced the exercises that I've seen in the videos. I've also had the pleasure of having Mike show me how he develops the strength which we are discussing.

And after about 9 months, I can do the pushout drill to some degree. So to me, that speaks quite highly of the method that Rob and others are talking about.
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