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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Kent Enfield wrote:
To keep my comments more on topic, I suppose I should point out that I agree with HL 1978: aiki is present, and important, in higher level kendo. It's just a bit hidden from view because:

1) Kendo has its own terminology to describe such things.

2) It's high level stuff, so it doesn't get talked about much, at least not with us low level people.
Good to know that commonality is not entirely lost.
Kent Enfield wrote:
3) It's used offensively, so it looks quite a bit different than it does in aikido.
We need to practice some bokken irimi awase sometime. I just may be able to disabuse you of this notion of inoffensiveness in aiki sword movements. I know I was.

Ittai ka, (loosely translated:: "union of body" in a transitional sense) is the basis of taitari as I understand it. In bokken irimi awase exercises ittai ka is easier to achieve by means of an aiki approach than many kendo people may assume. Most of the time the irimi entry develops into a modified ikkyo that avoids the attempt at tsuka zeriai -- with a hip turn and by maintaining the swords in juji (crossed) as you turn inside.

Another meaning of "ittai ka" is "What the ...?" or "what on earth?", which is an excellent description of uchitachi's reaction when it is properly performed.

Quite often I end up very close to koshinage, and almost inevitably with a good a kokyu projection at the taitari/ittai-ka connection -- might be a tad uncomfortable in bogu, but, ah well...


Erick Mead
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