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Re: Use of Japanese terminology...

I like having a single professional language that is generally accepted. It makes it easier in mediums like this forum to discuss our art.
Certainly some style call things differently. Learning that type of thing is calle education. Knowing as much about your art is vital, but knowing a little about how it relates to other styles is elementary in being able to communicate, spread, improve, and elevate the art globally.
Were we talking about Ikkyo, I know that generally it's called Ikkyo, but in my style we call it Oshi Taoshi, other styles may call it Ikkajo, or Ude Osae... there's probably a dozen other names for it as well... but having a general knowlege of those names, it's likely I can reach some mutual acknowlegement of the technique I'm referring to in this forum.
Otherwise it would be something to the effect of, "the one where the guy's swinging his arm at you and you grab it and put it in an armbar and force it to the ground" and the next person says, "we don't force anything anywhere" and the next guy says, we don't do any attacks where we swing our arms" and the communication is lost because the elemental idea disappears in a cloud of semantics.
A common language is there to "attempt" to eliminate some of this and allow us to have acamdemic exchange. It is this very reason that Medicine, Ballet, Music, Cooking, Tai Chi, Fencing, etc. all have professional languages.

I wonder if Kendo people ask this question?
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